Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Importance Of Museums Essay

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Importance Of Museums 

I have always been very found of visiting a museum. A museum is a place where rare, precious and interesting things relating to the past are placed for exhibition. It is important for students teachers and scholars.
A visit to a museum shows us how the people of the past lived. We can see the old coins costumes weapons of war, ornaments and utensils of the earlier ages.
We have the oldest museum at Lahore. Let me show you a glimpse of this museum. We buy a ticket and get inside. We see a rich collection of things belonging to the ancient and modern culture of Pakistan and other countries of the region.
There are vases, ornaments and fine statues of Buddha. There are delicate and colourful paintings of Persian and Mughal artists depicting the history of those times.
There are coins of various rulers of India and the postage stamps of different countries of the world including those of Pakistan. There are old manuscripts and the oldest editions of Urdu and English newspapers. Then there is the Pakistan gallery. It contains the photos and speeches of the Quaid-e-Azam. There are books written on the movement for Pakistan.
A visit to museum takes much time. It is really a peep into our old history. It adds a lot to our knowledge and information.
Please do visit a museum. The Lahore Museum is closed on Sundays and other holiday. So please go on Monday.

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