Thursday, 26 June 2014

Journalism Essay



This is the age of print media. In this age the Journalism has got much importance. It is said that the President the Prime Minister, the Parliament and the Supreme Court are four pillars of the state. But we cannot ignore Journalism or the press as the fifth pillar of the state. The press has a great power in the modern times and journalism is a channel for public opinion.
Browning a famous poet has paid tribute to the press in these words:
Mightiest of the mighty is the press. With the growth of democracy, journalism has assumed a great importance.
As everything have two aspects i.e. bright and dark similarly journalism has got two aspects i.e. healthy journalism and yellow journalism.
Healthy journalism plays a great role in forming the public opinion about a certain issue. It is a strong link between the people and the government.
As editor a press reporter or a magazine in charge should give his honest opinion about a problem facing the country. He should also suggest a possible solution of the conspicuous problem. He should be purchased at any price. In other words he should not sell his pen. He should act as the custodian of public opinion and feelings.
Carlyle the renowned rite has called an able editor the ''ruler of the world because he has the power to persuade the people. He is the mirror of public opinion. The government cannot ignore his comments on a a certain point if issue. Journalism has to play many roles in a country but the greatest one is the formation of public opinion. The common citizen of a country does not time to study any political, economic or social problem deeply. In all such matters he is influenced by the opinion he finds in his favourite  newspaper. He has a blind faith in the opinion expressed by the editorial of a newspaper.
In any crisis the pubic looks eagerly to the newspaper of his choice for a clear cut view. The high ups in the government consult the newspaper every morning to know the popular feelings and reaction of people toward policies of the government. A popular government never goes against the wished of its people. A journalist reflects honestly how the public feels about a particular problem. Letters to the editor is a very useful and favourite column. The concerned officers can redress the sufferings of the people if they go through the column.
Journalism is the tool thought which we can ventilate our feelings against the government. A journalist fights for the democratic rights of the people. Public opinion can be expressed through press and platform. Of these two press is more effective. There is a yellow journalism too. It caters for the vicious taste of the public for sensational news and views. Sometimes a journalist may distort or twist the facts or the statements of a political leader. He may misinterpret the facts for some personal motive. It has a bad influence on the public opinion. Wrong propaganda against any party or political leader is often exposed.
Public wants journalism free from any prejudice. Healthy journalism can do much to educate the people in respect to politics social and economic reforms and even literary taste.

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