Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Hobby Essay


My Hobby 

Hobby means something which we do in our spare time for the sake of pleasure. Everybody has his own hobby according to his taste. Some famous hobbies are book reading, stamp collection, coin collection, panting, photography and traveling.
Gardening is my hobby. This hobby is very cheap and useful. Health is wealth. Gardening is a hobby that serves this purpose well. I get seeds of different flowers and plants. I sow them in a small plot in front of my house. I water the seeds daily. After a few days the small plants begin to peep outside. I remove all the unnecessary plants and grass. After a few days, I find myself standing in the company of different colorful flowers. I heartily smell and enjoy their sweet fragrance. I look after them very well.
This hobby is a source of great pleasure for me. Whenever I get tired or become sad, I go there and sit in the company of flowers. I pluck some flowers to make garlands. I also prepare nosegays to decorate my drawing room. Sometimes, I offer some flowers to my friends as a gift. Sometimes, I invite my friends to tea party in the garden. I often sit in it and study.

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