Saturday, 21 June 2014

Street Vendors Essay


Street Vendors
Street Vendors or hawkers are a common figure. They get up with the sunrise and start their round in a town or a city. They go to every street and lane with their goods and baskets on their hands and backs. Some of them arrange their goods on push carts. Every hawker announces his goods and rates in a peculiar voice that is known by his regular customers. The fruit and vegetable vendors or hawkers and host of others come at different intervals.
Women and children come out of their houses and can buy every thing they need. We can get things on cheaper rates as compared to the market. But the quality of things is not superior. The vendors or hawkers do not believe in accepting the price they demand. They demand double the amount of a thing. It needs bargaining with them. They come down to a reasonable price after bargaining. Ice-cream sellers are very popular with their customers. They wait for them as we wait for postman. The only advantage of the street vendor or hawker is that we can buy a thing at our door step.

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