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The Bicycle Essay

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The Bicycle 

The bicycle is perhaps the most popular vehicle in the whole world. The word cycle is composed of two art Bi and Cycle, Bi is a Latin word which means two and cycle means ''Wheel''.
More than a century ago such a wheel was put on the road by a man of course in its rude and crude form. It was wooden hose without any pedals or cranks just two wheels joined by a wooden frame. It was propelled by the thrust of one's feet on the ground. But it was a very tedious affair to handle such a machine. After another entry it was considerably improved upon although it was as people called it a veritable 'Bone Shaker. It was also called a dandy horse.
Some sixty years ago that cranks and pedals were introduced and thus out of a crude machine has evolved the present day standard bicycle which in its mechanical details is well nigh perfect.
The real bicycle industry dates back from the year 1885. From that year on this invaluable machine has found its way into the world and due to its cheapness a simple mechanism and evidently a man of ordinary intelligence and commonsense can even understand it and handle and look after the machine without the least difficulty. It is equally easy to learn to ride a bicycle. A week's practice is quite sufficient to enable one to be a good cyclist and go about wherever he likes.
The bicycle cannot be called a luxury. It is almost a necessity. On a bicycle one can travel from place to place at a speed of about fifteen to twenty miles per hours. Besides this cycling provides a good exercise for the various muscles of the body. It enables one to get away from the din and bustle of modern life in towns and cities with its multitudes of distractions and engagements and enjoy nature's free air through green fields and gardens.
With all the latest improvements a bicycle can be had at quite a moderate sum of money well within the reach of a person of average income. It is a great boon indeed and without it half of our pleasure would disappear.

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