Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Cat Essay

 Essay Topics for Kids

The Cat
The cat is a popular pet. It is found all over the world. It is very beautiful to look at. The Persian cat is the most beautiful. It is of many kinds and colours. Some cats are white some are black and some are red and brown. It looks like a tiger. It is narrated that the cat taught the tiger every trick except climbing up the tree.
It has a small body on four small legs. It has a log tail. It waves its tail when it expresses the feelings of love. Its eyes shine like torches at night. So it can see in the dark. It has very soft paws like pads. So it walks without any noise. Its nails are hidden in its paws. It always keeps its body clean.
It hunts birds and small animals. But it is very found of eating rats. Rats are very afraid of it. They run into their hols as soon as they see it. They leave the house in which the cat lives. It is called the enemy of rats.
It is well known thief. It enters the kitchen and drinks milk and eats meat or fish. It becomes very fierce when it is teased. The Holy Prophet (SAW) loved the animals very much. He loved cat also. One of his Companions name is Abu Huraira, which means the owner of cat. The Holy Prophet (SAW) as a token of love gave this nickname to him.

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