Monday, 16 June 2014

The Cow Essay

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The Cow 

The cow is a domestic animal. It is a very useful and gentle animal. It is found all over the world. It has a big body on four legs. It has two sharp horns to defend herself. It has a long bushy tail to keep away the files. It has four teats. It has two eyes and two ears. It has many kinds and colours. Some cows are black some are white and some red and yellow.
It eats grass grain, cotton seeds and oil cakes. She gives milk and from that we get butter, cream, curd, cheese and ghee. These things make us very healthy and strong. Its milk is very useful for us. Its milk is especially useful for children. Some foreign cows give much more milk than our native cows. It is a blessing of God.
We get many species from cow. Ghee is used in meals and sweets. Its bones are used for making toys combs and handles of knives. Its skin is used for making shoes and boxes. Her dung is a good manure for the fields. The male of cow is called bull or ox. It ploughs fields and draws carts. The famous Urdu Poet Ismial Says:

Be thankful to God now,

Who has made our cow

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