Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Tailor Essay

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The Tailor

The tailor is a useful member of our society. He is found in every village town and city. He is very popular person. Everybody needs him. He takes our measure with utmost care. He marks out cloth with a piece of coloured chalk. Then he cuts it according to the fashion selected by us He has to saw it partly with the hand and partly with the sewing machine. His work is not at all easy. If he works regularly he can earn a lot of money.
He has to work day and night for fair, festivals and marriages. He has to do a lot of work. Some tailor secure the services of some helpers. They use pedal and electric sewing machines. In this way they can complete their work easily in a short time.
His charges are very heavy nowadays. This is due to dearness. If he works nicely we admire him.

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