Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Washer Man Essay

The Washer Man 

The washer man is a useful member of our society. He washes our clothes and helps us to look very neat and tidy. His work is very hard and troublesome. It requires a lot of skilled labour. Everybody cannot do this difficult job.
He goes from house to house collecting the dirty clothes of his customers. H ties these clothes into bundles and then takes them to the river or canal on the back of an ox. He washes these dirty clothes with soap and bleaching powder. He beats them against a stone or a plank of wood to remove the dirt. Then he wrings them out and spreads them in the sunlight to dry. He returns home in the evening. He irons these washed clothes at home. Then he sorts them and delivers them to his customers.
His wife and children often help him in his work. It takes him a week or so to return a wash. But he has to be very careful in returning the clothes to their real owners. He puts special marks on the clothes to distinguish them. In spite of that several clothes are misdelivered. He put to great trouble in tracing them out. Sometimes he has to pay money for the missing clothes. Thus he has to bear a heavy loss. His life is very hard and tough. He earns his bread with great labour.
His income is very small. He lives from hand to mouth. He cannot give food to his children. He cannot give good clothes to his children. He cannot educate them. He cannot provide medicine for them if they fall ill.
In the present age the importance of wash-man has been decreased. He is not so popular now. The reason is that due to modern science many dry cleaning and washing machines have been invented. Hence the dirty clothes can be washed on quick service.

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