Thursday, 3 July 2014

Courtesy Essay



According to Oxford Dictionary courtesy means polite and kind behaviour. In simple words courtesy means soft and gentle behaviour towards other people. A man who  shows courtesy is called a courteous man. He is always polite and pleasant to others. He respects others and is respected by all. He is a mannered person. He observes good manners at all times and always regards the feelings of others. Islam teaches courtesy. The Holy Prophet (SAW) says; ''The best person among you is that who is best in manners.''
When people meet they great one another saying good morning or good evening according to the time of the day. Muslims great one another by saying. Asslamo-o-Alaikum, and thy often add some remarks about each other health and welfare. Muslims greeting is a kind of wish a prayer for mutual happiness peace and security. The Holy Qur'an advises to reply the greeting in the same or in a better way. It further advises to speak gently to the people.
A courteous man respects his elders and loves his youngsters. He prays for the good of all the people. He shows regard on the basis of humanity. He loves human beings and wishes happy and peaceful atmosphere. He prefer tries to cheat others. He helps the poor and the needy. This is helpful to others. He has good manners. He pays his taxes fully if he is a rich man. He loves his country.
Courtesy demands that you make no attempt to jump the queue. In a crowded bus if you yourself are physically fit you give up your seat quietly to an elderly person or to someone who is blind, lame or sick. When you attend a dinner or function you should not rush at dishes rather you should prefer others. In a public meeting provide seat to other person. You have to say thank you to those who are good to you. Courtesy really makes everyday life more pleasant. In fact a society of courteous people is no less than a paradise.

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