Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Health Essay



''Health is wealth is a well known proverb we hear from our elders. It is a priceless quality and a great blessing of Allah Almighty. There is also another famous proverb, ''If you lost your wealth you lost nothing if you lost your health you lost something but if you lost your character you lost everything. ''When people meet together they usually ask one another, ''How are you? ''How are you getting on? We adopt many methods to maintain our health.
Firstly we get up early in the morning say prayers and go out for a walk. There is a famous saying, ''early to bed and early to rise, make you healthy wealthy and wise.'' We inhale fresh air. Morning walk makes us active smart and healthy.
Secondly we do some exercise or play some game which makes our muscles strong. The person who does not take exercise becomes lazy and inactive. Games teach us the important qualities of discipline self control and sportsmanship which lead to good health.
Thirdly daily bath keeps away diseases. We clean our teeth and take bath daily. It keeps us fresh and health. We keep our body and dress clean.
Fourthly we take our meals at regular times. We should eat simple food. We should not take too much food in one sitting. The Holy prophet (SAW) said, ''You should take your meal when you feel hungry and leave it with some hunger.'' If we act upon this golden advice we cannot fall ill. Less food and more fruit at regular times never disturb our stomach which is a store house of diseases.
Clean clothes clean habits and hygienic environment provide us with good atmosphere of health. If we are run down overworked or seriously sick we should consult the doctor. He gives us a tonic or prescribes a special diet. After hard work recreation and rest are necessary. Change of climate and fresh air improve our health. Going to the country side or hill side is very useful for health.

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