Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Birthday Party Essay

A Birthday Party Essay
Farhana Shahid is my dearest friend.  She has seen sixteen springs of her life. she is a student of 9th class at government Girls High School, Wahdat Colony, Lahore. Her birthday falls on August 1 every year. Last year she invited me to attend her birthday party. She sent invitation cards to her nearest relatives friends and class fellows. All the guests were requested to attend the party.
I reached there a few minutes earlier with garlands of rose  a greeting card and a few befitting gifts.
Farhana greeted and welcomed each guest at the gate. The hall was decorated with buntings and colourful balloons. Melodious songs were being played on the deck. The hall was alive with illuminations. All the guests had graced the occasion at the fixed time. The function began at 8:00 p.m. The hall was full of gaily dressed friends. Amidst loud cheers and applause for Miss, the birthday cake was cut by her. Sixteen burning candles were blown out. Her parents sisters and close friends were standing at her either side. All of us recited with one loud voice Happy birthday to you.'' We clapped our hands. It was an impressive sight. Several snaps of this beautiful moment were taken. Moreover the whole function was being recorded by the movie camera. The pieces of delicious cake were distributed among the guests. Sumptuous tea was served. It was really full of love and sincerity. The guests were served with sweet pudding, biscuits, pastries and other saltiest eatables. Everyone took to his fill.
We congratulated our friend very warmly and offered her gifts in beautiful packing. She thanked all the guests for their presence and valuable gifts. Now it was 10:00 p.m.
All of us said goodbye to our friend wishing her to enjoy many more birthdays. It was really a function to be remembered for a long time.

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