Thursday, 28 August 2014

A dialogue between two friends about study

  Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between two friends about study

Uzair: Excuse me.
Javed: Yes?
U: Can you help me with change for a fifty rupee note?
J: Sorry, I've no change.
U: Can you get me change for this?
J: I have no time. I'm rather busy with my studies.
U: How was your last examination?
J: The English paper was fairly easy.
U: Have you done it well?
J: I think I have.
U: How was your mathematic paper?
J: It was rather tough. I knew some of the answers fairly well.
U: You look rather tired. Have you caught a cold?
J: Yes, I've had a rather bad cold.
U: I'm going towards your college and I can give you a life, if you don't mind. You know the buses are rather full at this time.
J: Oh, it is very kind of you. Let's go then.
U: There isn't any petrol in the car. I think I can take it on our way. I don't want you to be late for your examination. Wish you all the best.
J: It's my favorite subject today and I hope the paper will be fairly simple.

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