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A dialogue between two friends about beautiful life

Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between two friends about beautiful life

Tahir: Hello, good morning.
Rashid: Good morning. How are you?
T: Fine thank you and how is life?
R: Very fine. Life has always been kind to me. It is beautiful.
T: How nice to hear that. I don't think many people have that attitude to life.
R: You see it all depends on how you view things. The most important thing is to be satisfied with what one has. My resources are limited and I try to keep my wants within limits. I'm always happy with what I have.
T: Oh, you must be a sage. Few people can be like you. Their wants have no limits and their whole life is a race to satisfy their goals, which invariably ends in frustration.
R: The reason is this. Haven't you heard the saying that fortune gives too much to many enough to nobody. So everybody is bent on self aggrandizement. All their life is a marathon race towards their goal. Finally they end up always a little shot of their goal. They forget to enjoy life and to realize how beautiful life is.
T: Well Rashid, I have the same attitude to life as you have. I have no craze for money. I live a happy life with what I have. I don't bother about others or their life. That is where the problem arises.
R: Exactly. If you want to be unhappy, think of all the people who have more money than you do. Life then loses its glamour moves through misery and disappointments and becomes a constant struggle.
T: But how many people realize that? They believe heaven is up their. But heaven and hell are both on the earth and in this life. Life is what you make of it.
R: Yeah, if you want to be happy and if you want to live longer think of all your blessings and all the things you have. Be happy with them and be thankful for what you have which probably millions don't have. The choice is yours.
T: Yes the choice to be happy or not to be happy. Just look at all the things we have in life, all the beautiful things. But we don't have time to pause and see the beautiful things around us the flowers the birds etc. If only we were able to see the beauty of nature life would be beautiful.
R: For that what you need is peace of mind which will come only through contentment. In our constant struggle to achieve our goal, we forget how beautiful life is and also forget to live.
T: Well we have been given the license to live unasked and it is up to us to make life worth living and enjoyable.

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