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Importance Of Computers Essay

Importance Of Computers Essay
In Latin computer means to find the total of or to calculate. Computers are now a days very widely used in business industry education, banking traveling and other fields of human activity.
A computer gives answers to our problems by providing the correct information or data. It solves problems according to instructing. A computer can solve mathematical equations engineering problems of buildings and electric power distribution. It counts, lists compares and rearranges different details on a subject according to detailed programme instructions.
In industry it is used to control different manufacturing operations and machine tools. In hospitals it is used to arrange and control laboratory and hospital instruments. It is used to guide and control the movement of ships aeroplanes and space ships.
The use of computer in education started in 1960. In the advanced countries instructional computers are used in two ways to provide direct presentation and data to act as a teacher to test the understanding and knowledge of the student's questions and then get ready answers. It corrects the answers and the goes on to more difficult questions. Computer is also used in composing books. It has made the printing of books very beautiful.
Now computer typing is getting very popular. In it moving rays of light from a laser lens are used. The speed of typing is very fast and accurate as well as beautiful and indifferent forms. An interesting use of different musical tunes and tones from some given sounds are stored in them. So a computer can be programmed to produce music in different old and new styles.
The memory of the computer is one of its main functions. All kinds of information and facts can be stored in a computer for future use. So a small disc or cassette can have material that many books and hundreds of files might contain. The whole library can be computerized. Now in our country, the record of all identity cards is being computerized. The results of the Boards and University examinations are also prepared with the help of computer. There are many advantages of using the computers. They save our time in solving our technical and social problems. They help us in keeping and maintaining records.
They make teaching easy and students feel independent while learning through them. Computer programmes have made teaching an interesting field. They have also mechanized our life too much. We begin using our minds lesser and begin depending on machines more and more.

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