Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A dialogue between two friends about shopping


A dialogue between two friends about shopping

Salesboy: Please, ladies! Its okay to try on clothes but if you're not going to buy them return them to me. I'll put them away.
Customer: Excuse me ma'am. Do you have a blouse that goes with this skirt? I can't find one on this rack.
S: Well, I'm not surprised. Everyone keeps taking the blouses off this rack and leaving them on the tables.
C: Oh, here's a nice one folded up on this table!
S: There are so many customers in here, you would think we are giving the clothes away! Look at this mess!
C: Excuse me? I'd like to exchange this dress for a larger size, but I threw the receipt away. Can I still exchange it?
S: Well, you should have the receipt!
C: I know I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, but this size is too small for my daughter. She'll grow our of it in a month.
S: Oh, okay. Choose a larger size. Give this one to me.
C: Thank you very much.
S: These customers are wearing me out! I'm going to take a break! I'm going to put my glasses on and read the newspaper.

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