Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A dialogue between two friends about car driving


A dialogue between two friends about car driving

Tahir: Hey, Zahid! Let up on the gas. Okay now turn the engine off.
Zahid: I don't think it'll start up again.
T: Well, try it. Let's see. (It won't start)
Z: What did I tell you? I'm running out of patience with this car.
T: Try it again. (It starts up this time).
Z: Hey, it's starting!
T: Pull up to the gas tank. We'll gas her up and take her out on the freeway.
Z: If you don't stop jacking up the price of gas at this station, I won't be able to gas her up!
T: Stop complaining and back her up. I haven't got all day!
Z: Look, why don't you driver? I hate pulling away from this as station. The last time I was here, someone cut me off and I almost went through the windshield.
T: What are you, a sissy? All you do is cut across these there lanes of traffic. C'mon, let's go.
Z: I don't know why I bring my car to you.......

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