Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A dialogue between two friends first day on the job

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends first day on the job

Ali: First day on the job?

Omar: Yeah. I'm Pete Hall.
A: Imran Khan.
O: How do you like it here?
A: It's O.K. The pay is good.
O: Yeah it is. I think I'm going to like construction work.
A: Where did you work before?
O: In a shoe factory.
A: Oh, how was hat?
O: I didn't like it. The hours were long and the pay was terrible.  I need to take a break. Where can I get some coffee around here?

A: I always bring coffee from home but there's a coffee shop across the street.
O: And where do you eat lunch?
A: Well, I usually bring my lunch too, but sometimes I eat across the street. The food's not great, but it's fast and cheap.
O: When is lunchtime?
A: At noon. We get an hour. In fact it's noon now.

O: Great! I guess I'll try that coffee shop. Can I get you anything?
A: Uh...yeah. Could you bring me a cola? I have a sandwich but I don't have anything to drink.
O: Sure.

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