Sunday, 7 September 2014

A dialogue between two friends Outside The Coffee Shop


A dialogue between two friends Outside The Coffee Shop

Saeed: Oh dear there's Mrs. Asif! She's very nice but she does talk a lot. I hope she doesn't see us.
Rizwana: Too late, Aunt Mariam!
Asif: Mariam, Mariam! How nice to bump into you!
S: Hello, Nighat! I'm in....
A: I hear you've been ill.
S: Yes, but I'm better now.
A :You poor dear! So many colds about! All the children have been ill. Sami was quite poorly. It's the same every year. Oh, Hello!
S: This is my niece, Rizwana. I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce you.
R: How do you do!
A: Hello! So you're Rizwana I've heard so much about you! By the way, do you know what happened to Mrs. Ali? Such a terrible thing!
R: It's a quarter past, Aunt Mariam.
S: Night we must go! We've got lots more shopping to do.
A: But you must hear what happened to Mrs. Ali.
S: You'll have to tell me some other time, Night.
A: But it's quite incredible! Poor Mrs. Ali!
S: Well give me a ring next week, will you?
A: I will and then we can have a really nice long chat.
S: Bye!
Mrs.Simpson: Oh, there is Mrs. Ali! I must talk to her! I must tell her all about Mrs. Sohail. Such a terrible thing you know....

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