Saturday, 20 September 2014

Conversation between a husband and a wife

Conversation between a husband and a wife

Sajid: I think that was the end!
Iqra: Why? What did I do wrong?
S: What did you do wrong!
I: It isn't my fault if that man was interested in me.
S: You should have told him you were married.
I: I couldn't. He hardly let me get a word in edgeways. For God's sake, Sajid. Look where you're going!
S: I was. That idiot driver!
I: It wasn't him. It was you. You're so jealous you can't see straight.
S: The maniac was in the middle of the road. Anyway what do you expect?
I: You talk as if I'd gone off with this Babar person all I did was talk to the man. Anyway what about Saira?
S: Saira?
I: That girl in Karachi when we were on holiday. The one you kept following about all over the beach!
S: Oh her.....I did not!
I: We changed our position on the beach every day so you could be next to her. God knows what went on behind my back.
S: Iqra! What complete rubbish!
I: Is it?
S: You seem to have forgotten about the sand flies.
I: Sand...flies!
S: Yes. Sand flies. We moved because they were eating us alive.
I: They never bothered me.
S: Your memory is conveniently short.
I: Sajid! Pull yourself together.
S: That fool! He must be drunk!
I: I thought he was rather clever. He managed to avoid you.
S: That's not funny! I drive very well. You've said so yourself often.
I: I wouldn't say it now.
S: Look! That's enough. The only way you can justify yourself is to make a lot of stupid attacks on me so let's not go on with it.
I: Oh all right: perhaps we'd better both shut up before we end up in a cemetery.

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