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Conversation between two friends about looking for a flat

   Dialogue Writing

Conversation between two friends about looking for a flat

Miss Saima: Well, Nadia. It's obvious you have made up your mind. I am extremely sorry you have made this decision to live outside college.
Nadia: I have thought about it seriously. Miss Saima. I have been thinking of coming to see you for a long time.
M: Have you got your parent's permission to live outside College?
N: Yes, I have. They know all about it and they think it's quite a good idea.
M: I feel they should have consulted me. You realize that I am responsible for you.
N: I'm sorry. Miss Saima, but I wasn't going to do anything without seeing you first.
M: Well, as you seem to have made up your mind, and as your parents have apparently agreed that you should find some other place to live, what are we going to do about it?
N: I was thinking of getting a flat.
M: A flat? We don't usually allow first year students to live in flats. We have certain college rules about this sort of thing, you know, Nadia.
N: Yes, Miss Saima. I do understand.
M: We'll have to see about it.
N: Thank you, Miss Saima.
Amna: How did it go? Was it all right?
N: She was a bit unpleasant at first. She was surprised that I wanted to leave.
A: What did she say?
N: She was rather angry because my father didn't writ to her first.
A: You should have told him to. That's fairly obvious. Never mind! Did she give you permission to leave? That's the important thing, 'cos if she did you can start making some plans.
N: No, not exactly. She said we'd have to see about it. But I think if I find somewhere she'll probably say 'Yes.'
A: She's not a bad person, really. Things'll  turn out all right in the end you'll see.    Hope so!
A: How are you going to find a flat?
N: I'll look in the local paper for a start. Where is that paper?
A: Here it is. What's your price limit?
N: Not higher than Rs. 8 I'll find someone to share with. That's all I can afford. It would be too expensive to live on my own. Sharing means hat I halve all the other expenses like heating and light as well.
A: And food. It'll also mean that you won't have all the cleaning to do on your own.
N: I suppose a flat for thee would be all right but I'd rather find one for two.
A: Listen here's one: Suite two girls sharing One reception, one bedroom (two beds). kitchenette. Telephone. Own meter. 5885717
N: That sounds ideal. I hope it's not taken.
A: You'll have to look at a lot before you find one you like.
N: Let's go and ring. Nobody will be using the phone at this time of day.
N: Hello, is that 5885717
Woman: Yes.
N: I understand you have a flat to let.
W: That's right.
N: I saw your advertisement in the local paper.
W: That's right. I put it in this week.
N: I hope he flat isn't already taken.
W: No.
N: How much is the rent actually?
W: Seven pound a week, payable weekly in advance. You provide your own sheets. Light and heat are extra. There's a separate meter. Are you students?
N: Yes. When could we come and look at it? Would tomorrow be all right?
W: I shan't be there till after twelve.
N: Well say about 12.15.
W: All right, I'll expect you. Thank you.
N: That's a start anyway. I hope the flat's nice. Oh, Amna, I forgot to ask her name and address!
A: You aren't very experienced at looking for flats are you? Go on ring again!

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