Friday, 3 October 2014

A conversation between father and daughter


A conversation between father and daughter

Daughter: Good morning, Papa.
Faher: Good morning, my child.
D: Papa, today is Sunday. You promised to take us to the children's park today. When are we going there?
F: I have a lot of work to do today, Baby. Can we postpone it to next Sunday?
D: No, dear Papa. We must go today. I have also invited my two friends to accompany us.
F: At what time have you invited your friends?
D: They will be coming at 11 a.m. I promised them that we would be going at 11.30 a.m. sharp in our car to children's park.
F: All right my lovely child. I shall try to finish my work by 11 a.m. so as to leave for children's park at exact 11.30 a.m.
D: Thank you very much. Dear Papa you are always so nice.
F: But where is your brother Aqeel?
D: He has gone to invite his friend Saleem to accompany us.
F: Have you spoken to your Mummy, regarding today's programme?
D: Yes Papa.
F: What did she say?
D: She has agreed to go with us.
F: But who will prepare our lunch?
D: Papa we are taking dry lunch packets to the children's park. We are also taking boiled eggs some fruits etc.
F: Very good. You are very clever.
D: But Papa what about your car?
F: Don't worry, Baby. I got it repaired and checked up at the workshop yesterday.
D: That's very fine, Papa.
F: Have you asked our servant also to accompany us or not?
D: No, Papa. I simply forgot to ask him.
F: O.K. now remember to invite him also before leaving for children's park.
D: Certainly, Papa.
F: Can you ask the servant to bring some eggs and fruit from the market which you want to take with us?
D: Yes, Papa. I shall do it. don't worry for that.
F: Also ask the servant to get my shoes repaired by the cobbler, on his way to the market.
D: Yes, Papa, I shall tell him to do so.
F: O.K. Baby, now go to the kitchen and help your mother in preparing the lunch.
D: Thank you, Papa, I am just going.

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