Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A dialogue between two friends about robbery


A dialogue between two friends about robbery

Nadia: Oh!
Khalid: What fools we were!
N: To think of it! All my old silver! It meant so much to me.
K: And my new car. To think that he simply drove off with everything in my car. That's what hurts me most.
N: What's so terrible too is the fools we've made of ourselves.
K: I hardly dare call the police. They'll just laugh at us.
N: I'll never get over it. Oh, Khalid it was all so unnecessary. That man! How could he do this to us after we'd put him up?
K: And his story didn't even hold together. I feel such an idiot.
N: And I'm sure we'll never get all our things back. They're so clever these criminals. What's the point of collecting beautiful things for other people to steal?
 K: I only wish it were this time yesterday. Think how happy we were. Now this.
N: Things always go wrong.
K: Perhaps we ought to get dressed and have breakfast. We'd feel better.
N: I don't feel like breakfast. I don't fell like anything. Why are we so unlucky? It's as if there were a jinx on us.
K: Perhaps I'd better ring the police.....
N: Yes. Of course. But what good will it do? That man's miles away from here by now. In our car.
K: I've never seen such a mess.
N: All our precious possessions. I just don't care any more.
K: Yes, but we ought to do something.
N: When I think of it! That man!
K: If I could lay my hands on him!
N: I'd roast him over a slow fire. I'd.....
Visitor: Good morning. You'd what?
N: You!
V: What's the matter?
K: What are you doing here?
V: Good Good! What's happened?
K: What are you doing here?
V: How do you mean? .....You've had a robbery.
K: That's right.
V: Oh, I see! And you thought I'd done it!

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