Sunday, 19 October 2014

A dialogue between two friends about educational institutions

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about educational institutions

Uzair: Good morning!
Munid: Good morning. What's the matter? You seem to be moody today.
U: Ah, my son has failed the predegree examination. I feel frustrated. I don't know what to do with the boy.
M: Nothing is wrong with the boy. I know your son very well. He's very smart and doesn't have any bad company. There are some other factors that contributed to his failure.
U: Like what? Do you think his parents are to blame?
M: No. Do you think he atmosphere in colleges in conducive to teaching and learning process? There is no real teaching in schools and colleges any more.
U: I understand that. But what about those who pass the examination?
M: They pass because they have private tuition in almost all subjects. The political influence has polluted the atmosphere. Students and teachers are more interested in politics than in learning and teaching.
U: And almost every other day there is strike in schools and colleges. Even the ministers and leaders want students and teachers to be involved in politics.
M: So invariably students are not taught properly and how do you expect them to pass examinations? It is alleged that teachers encourage students to take private tuition. Most students can't afford that.
U: Also there is no discipline among the students because of all the distractions. Something must be don to keep politics outside schools and colleges.
M: Politicians are interested only in their parties and they want their party to grow. Do you think they are interested in the public? They know that schools and colleges are the training ground for politicians. The local politicians who control the students even interfere with the running of the college. The principal and lecturers are sometimes helpless.
U: So what is the solution?
M: You see, all of us, people like us are all in the same boat. We have to give our children private tuition. That's the only way.
U: No wonder, the standard of education is falling down day by day. The syllabi are heavy but students learn just by memorizing guides. They don't even know how to make their own notes from the library.
M: It's all spoon feeding and learning by heart. Apart from their lessons, students can't write anything correctly, let alone speaking English. So you had better coach your son at home. Give him also some private lessons and watch the result.
U: Yes, I'll do that. Wonder when the students will learn on their own with the help of a good library.
M: The standard of our students is miserably low-Everybody comes out with a degree or even a post graduate degree or any number of them. But the number of candidates who are successful in the Superior Services Examination is almost nil now. What else do you think is the reason for this?
U: Some definite effort should be made to raise the standard of our children so that they too can complete with students in other parts of our country.
M: Yes, something must be done.

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