Friday, 3 October 2014

A dialogue between two friends about a dinner party


A dialogue between two friends about a dinner party

Ashfaq: Hey, Ashfaq. Why aren't you ready? It's almost 7 o'clock!
Sidra: I'm sorry, Ashfaq. I'm not going. I have to study.
A: But you can study later. Don't you want to go?
S: No, not really. I don't like dinner parties.
A: But what can I tell the Riaz?
S: Tell them I'm sick.
A: But you aren't sick. Come on Sidra. I don't like to lie.
S: And don't like to go to dinner parties.
A: Come on Sidra. You can't say no to the Riazs.
S: My English is so bad and they don't speak Portuguese.
A: Your English is fine. And you have a good accent.
S: Do you really think so?
A: Yes, I do. And you can practice you English at the party.
S: You're so confident.
A: Then you're coming?
S: No. Ashfaq. I don't want to go.
A: Please, Sidra. Do it for me. For my career.
S: {to Ashfaq} Who's that?
A: He's here. Please Sidra for me. The door's open! Come in!
Rizwan: Hi Sidra.
A: Hello, Michael. Do you know my sister, Sidra?
R: No, I don't.
A: Sidra, I want you to meet Rizwan. He's driving us to his parents party.
S: How do you do?
R: It's a pleasure to meet you Sidra.
A: I'm ready, but Sidra.....
S: Oh, Ashfaq. Just five more minutes. {to Rizwan} Sorry to keep you waiting.
R: Don't apologize. I'm happy you're coming.
Mr. Riaz: Rizwan.
Rizwan: Yes, Dad.
Mr: We have to talk.
R: Oh? What about?
Mr: The business son.
R: What about it?
Mr: It's growing. I want an assistant and ...
R: And you want me.
Mr: Yes. I'm 57. Soon...
R: Dad. You know I'm an artist.
Mr: I don't understand.
R: I know you don't
Mr: You're 29. You're intelligent.
R: And I want to paint.
Mr: That's a hobby, not a career.
R: What about Michelangelo or Picasso? Was it a hobby for them too?
Mr: No. Of course not Bit...
R: But what? Maybe ?I'm not Picasso. But I have to try. Give me a year. One more year.


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