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Conversation between doctor and patient about malaria


Conversation between doctor and patient about malaria

Hina: Good morning, Dr. Basit.
Doctor: Good morning, Mrs. Hina. What's the trouble with you.
H: Dr. Basit, I'm not feeling well. I have been suffering from fever for the last two days.
D: Have you got your blood checked for malaria?
H: Yes, Doctor. But they told me that I'm not suffering from malaria.
D: Are you suffering from any other ailment also?
H: Yes, Doctor. I am having bad cold, sore throat and my whole body is aching.
D: Are you still having fever?
H: Yes, Doctor. I am having a slight fever even now. But last night it was quite high.
D: Don't worry. You will be all right soon. Let me feel your pulse.
H: Doctor, I could not sit, stand or walk during the last two days.
D: At this time the fever is very slight. I am giving you the medicine and you will be all right within four days.
H: Doctor, I am also feeling a lot of weakness in my body.
D: It's only due to the fever. You should not worry about this. I am going to give you an injection and you will recover quickly.
H: Thank you. Doctor.
D: Now open your mouth and let me examine your throat. Say Ah!
H: Ah! Ah!
D: Thank you. Your throat seems to be very bad.
H: Should I take some rest, Doctor.
D: Are you in service, Mrs. Hina.
H: Yes doctor I am working as an English lecturer in Government College.
D: O.K. I shall recommend at least a week's rest for you. I am sure you will fully recover during this period.
H: Thank you, doctor. But I need a medical certificate to apply for leave from my college.
D: All right. I shall issue you a medical certificate also, for seven day. Now here is your medicine.
H: Please tell me how shall, I take these medicines?
D: This medicine is for three days only. There are six capsules, take one in the morning and one in the evening. This is the cough syrup, take one tea spoonful in the morning and one in the evening.
H: What about these white tablets?
D: Take one tablet of these after every six hours.
H: What should I eat?
D: You should not eat any heavy or spicy food. You should eat only light food. You can take milk and also eat apple.
H: How much should I pay you doctor.
D: Rupees hundred, please.
H: Here it is please.
D: Thank you.
H: Thank you doctor, I shall see you after three days.
D: I hope you will be all right within three days itself.
H: Good bye doctor.
D: Bye, Bye, Mrs. Hina.

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