Saturday, 8 November 2014

A dialogue between a salesman and customer

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between a salesman and customer

Salesman: Good morning madam. If I could just take up a moment of your time. I've got a proposition that I'm sure will interest you.
Customer: Well. I'm rather busy.
S: Yes Madam, but the whole basis of what I'm proposing to you, is to make you less busy. Perhaps not immediately, but in the long run.
C: But.......
S: Just a moment of your time now, and it may save you days of work.
C: What is it then?
S: Madam, have you ever thought about your pipes?
C: My pipes. How d' you mean?
S: Well, pipes go everywhere, don't they? Through walls, under the floor, over ceilings. Everywhere in a house there are pipes.
C: Well, yes I suppose there are.
S: And have you ever thought about how, little by little, those pipes get clogged up? thousands of cubic centimeters of water run through them every day. And each of those cubic centimeters leaves a little deposit, a little smear. Until finally the day comes when no water flows at all!
C: I suppose so.
S: Now. All over the world, other housewives forget about their pipes. And what has been the result? Impure water.
C: I suppose it is a little worrying.
S: But now a new era has dawned! Thanks to Franco's Flush Fast Water Mixture. Our New invention has made clogged pipes a thing of the past. You no longer need to put on a tap with the hidden worry, Will the water flow or will it not. By administering Franco's to your water tank at regular intervals you can be assured of a clean system.
C: Yes. Perhaps......
S: And all it costs you is two thousands for a whole case of Franco's Flush Fast Water Mixture. A dozen sky blue containers set in a cream plastic case with two pages of clear instructions on how Franco's Flush Fast Water Mixture should be used.
C: It sounds a good idea.
S: Only two thousands! A real bargain if I might say so!
C:  Yes, two thousands. Here you are!
S: Thank you madam. And here's your specially designed cream plastic case. I'm sure you'll never regret it. Good luck madam. You deserve it. I envy you the thrill of feeling that your pipes are clean at last!

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