Saturday, 8 November 2014

A dialogue between two friends about buying tickets


A dialogue between two friends about buying tickets

Arif: It's freezing in here! What's wrong with the heat anyway?
Rabia: I've got an idea. Why don't we go out?
A: Out? In this weather? It's snowing!
R: I mean let's go somewhere warm...a movie, for instance. I think Casablanca is playing at the theater down the street.
A: Casablanca! You know I don't like old movies!
R: Oh, Arif!
A: Really, Rabia, I....
R: Come on, Arif. It'll be nice and warm in the theater....Let's see...It's a quarter after seven now. I'll call the theater and find out.
R: Uh-oh....
A: What's wrong?
R: I can't see! (Turning to man) Excuse me, sir ........ is his seat taken?
Man:, it's not.
R: Let's move down a seat, Arif.
Woman: Shh!
R: Oh, I just love Janoon Group!
A: Yeah. Well at least it was warm in there... What's that?
R: Oh, I almost forgot. Remember that contest you entered last month?
A: Oh, Yeah. For the free trip to Karachi Beach.
R: Well, this letter came today.

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