Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A dialogue between friends about dry cleaners

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between friends about dry cleaners

Saima: Did you get your money all right?
Amna: Mmm, there wasn't much of a queue. I met Sarfraz page.
S: I don't think I know him.
A: Yes, you do. You know that friend of Talha's.
S: Now let's go to the cleaner's.
A: Which one do you usually go to? I had a dress ruined by that place last week.
S: I always go to the one on the Mall the one next door to the florist's. They're good. I think. They have a two hour service there.
A: I didn't know you could get things cleaned so quickly. I thought it took about a week. Do they repair things too?
S: Well, they repaired my suede coat all right, though I must say they charged a lot.
A: Perhaps it was a big job.
S: It was I had it shortened as well.
Girl: Yes, madam?
S: Can you clean these today, please? I want to wear them tonight.
G: Yes, they'll be ready by five. Is that all right?
S: All right. A skirt and jacket.
G: One skirt. One jacket. There's a shilling reduction on skirts this week. It's a special offer. This is the last day.
A: Lucky! I should have brought some of my things in.
G: Address?
S: 45 Railway Road, Lahore.
G: Name?
S: Kashif
G: Here's your ticket.
A: Don't lose it. Saima.
S: I'll try not to. I'll put it in the back of my purse.
G: Wait a moment, madam! There's something in the pocket. In the jacket pocket.
S: Really? It's probably a sweet paper. Don't bother!
G: No, madam. It's a pound note!
S: A pound note! Goodness! hat a surprise! Come on. Amna, let's go and have an enormous lunch....

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