Friday, 26 December 2014

A dialogue between two friends about future visitors

A dialogue between two friends about future visitors

Nadia: Khalid! There's a latter from Sajid. He and Sadaf are coming down next weekend.
Khalid: Oh, that is good news. We haven't seen them for ages.
N: Oh, just think! They'll be here in three days.
K: Certainly something to look forward to.
N: I can't wait. To think that we'll all be together again.
K: It'll be fun showing them round the news house.
N: Of course, they haven't seen it yet, have they? If it's fine we can sit out in the garden. Oh, and perhaps we could all go out to dinner one evening.
K: How about that restaurant in the village that's supposed to be so good?
N: Oh, Khalid, that 'd be lovely. We've been meaning to try it ever since moved here.
K: That's the good thing about visitors.
N: How do you mean?
K: Well, they make you do the things you've been wanting to do.
N: Yes, that's true. Oh, I'm longing to see Sajid again aren't you?
K: And Sadaf!
N: Oh, it is going to be fun! I wish time didn't go so slowly. I wish tomorrow were Saturday.
K: You know, all this shows that we need a change.
N: What change?
K: Well, look at us. We're behaving like a couple of excited children all because our son and his wife are coming to see us. It means that our life here isn't really full enough.
N: Oh, I wouldn't say that!
K: D' you know, Nadia, I think we're getting bored, stuck away here in the country.
N: Well perhaps we should go away for a few days.
K: Perhaps. But it's deeper than that. Now that we're settled we should make a few plans. We should work out what we really want to do.
N: What a good idea. After all we're free. We could make a list of all the things we want to do.
K: We could go up to Sheikhupura.....
N: And visit the Gujranwala District.
K: In fact, the world is our oyster. Bye

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