Monday, 29 December 2014

A dialogue between two friends after coming back from a party


A dialogue between two friends after coming back from a party

Baber: What a strain!
Saima: Oh, it's good to sit down after all that standing.
B: I could just sit here forever and ever and never get up.
S: I don't think I've ever felt so totally drained in my life. All that embarrassing talk and the drink and the cigarette smoke.
B: And the heat. I didn't sleep very well last night either!
S: We should've gone to bed earlier.
B: But it's funny we should feel so exhausted. After all, we've only been to a party.
S: But what a party. I've never felt so foolish in my life.
B: We must be getting old.
S: I feel if I moved, my bones would break. And the soles of my feet!
B: I haven't felt so washed out for ages.
S: Perhaps there's something wrong with us. There may've been something in the drink.
B: I hope not. The party was bad enough without that.
S: Perhaps everyone at Maria's is now stretched out on the floor.
B: It won't do, we must pull ourselves together. Come on! One, two, three up! You see at least I can stand on my feet just. Come on Saima! Activity will make you feel better.
S: Oh, sit down. Don't be so hearty. You don't know how to relax.
B: I'll go and make some sandwiches and coffee. We're probably just hungry, without knowing it.
S: Go and do what you like as long as you leave me in peace.
B: All right. I must make an effort.
S: Solitude at last!
B: Good God!
S: What is it?
B: D' you know? It's incredible.
S: What?
B: There's a man with a flowered shirt and long hair asleep on the floor in here. He's got a guitar.
S: Go on with you. You must be dreaming.
B: No.. Really.
S: That's all we need. Life is really too much for me. Bye
B: O.K. See you. Bye!

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