Thursday, 18 December 2014

A dialogue between two friends at the bank


A dialogue between two friends at the bank

Amna: Hello, Sarfraz. Broke again or are you going on a spending spree?
Sarfraz: Hello, Amna No, I only want to put some money in my deposit account. Not very much, but I'm trying to save.
A: I've got a current account, but I must say my money seems to vanish, I even had an over draft lat term! I had a lot of books to buy. And clothes.
S: Didn't the bank manager want to see you? I thought they were a bit nasty about giving student overdrafts.
A: Yes, he did. He gave me a lecture on how to handle my financial affairs.
Clerk: Next please.
S: You go first. I'm not in a hurry.
A: Thanks, Sarfraz. I am in a bi of a hurry. I'm meeting Saima outside. I want to cash a cheque. Rupees 500 only.
C: Do you have an account here?
A: Yes my name's Amna.
C: Ah, yes, I remember now. How do you want it? One five or in ones?
A: Ones five hundred ones, please. It doesn't seem to go so fast that way.
C: There you are.
A: Thank you! Thanks, Sarfraz! See you some time!
S: You haven't moved, have you?
A: No, still in the same old place. Have a nice week end! Careful with your money!
S: And you! Don't spend it all at once! Bye.
A: O.K. See you. Bye!

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