Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A dialogue between two friends at a meeting


A dialogue between two friends at a meeting
Khalid: Now gentlemen, the next thing on the agenda is Finance. It think we've all seen the annual statement? You'll find a copy in front of you, I believe.
Moazzam: May I point out, Mr. President they haven't been audited yet.
Atif: Well with respect there hasn't been time.
M: No, No, of course not, I appreciate that. I was just making sure we all realized it.
Omar: I would have thought that an UN-audited statement could still form a basis of discussion, Mr. President.
K: Oh, yes, I think so. Although I think it is certainly in order to point out that they are in fact un-audited.
A: Yes. However, I assure you, Mr. President, that our accounts department can be relied upon to avoid errors in the annual statement.
All: Quite- of course.
K: Well, gentlemen, I think we can proceed then. Any points you want to raise on the statement?
M: Yes, Mr. President. This is really a question of general policy. Now this has been a very good year. Profits are good.
A: They're not as good as last year. I'd like to make one or two observations on that.
K: Yes, Mr. Atif. Although with respect I feel we should first consider what Mr. Moazzam was in the middle of saying.
A: I meant when Mr. Moazzam had finished, Mr. President.
K: Mr. Moazzam...
O: I would support Mr. Moazzam there, Mr. President. I feel the market is so vast and the possibilities for expansion so great that we should take advantage of it.
A: The only problem here is that we'll find it difficult to raise new capital if we lower our dividend. A reduced dividend might well discourage new investment.
M: I wasn't suggesting a substantial reduction.
A: But it's doubtful whether devoting a larger proportion of profits to reinvestment would lead to a greater increase in our annual investment figures.
M: With all due respect, Mr. Chairman, I would point out.
K: Now gentlemen.
Maid: Excuse me, sir. Can I bring in the tea?
K: Ah, yes. Perhaps this is a good moment for a break, gentlemen.

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