Sunday, 14 December 2014

A dialogue between two friends in annoyed mood

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends in annoyed mood

Sajid: I suppose I'm in the way.
Babar: No, I wouldn't say that.
S: Quite the scholarly person, aren't you?
B: You flatter me!
S: I have the greatest admiration for anyone who tries to get off with my wife.
B: Well, with a beautiful wife like Sadaf here you must admire a lot of people.
S: Oh, I do. You know, I'm the passive type. I just sit around with wide, admiring eyes the whole time.
B: It must be fun.
S: Oh, it is, like Noah watching the animals come up to the Ark.
S: Oh please! You're like a couple of little boys. It's ridiculous.
B: It is. But it strikes me that your husband here is enjoying it.
S: That's not all that'll be striking you in a moment.
Sadaf: Oh, Sajid. Come off it.
B: I suppose I was to know that she was your wife through some dazzling intuition.
S: Dazzling indeed! You know long ago someone somewhere invented an object called a wedding ring, which married women wear to show that they are in fact married.
B: hat's fascinating. You know I really am learning a lot tonight.
S: Perhaps, the fact that you were in the darkest corner of the room made it difficult for you to see clearly.
Sadaf: Oh, Sajid. Stop being stupid. I was holding my handbag.
B: Yes, you see, long ago, someone somewhere also invented an object called a handbag, which prevents poor innocent men from seeing whether women are married or not.
S: You are brilliant!
B: So are you!
Sadaf: Well, I'm glad to see you're both lost in admiration for each other at last.
Sidra: Sadaf!
Sadaf: Oh, hello Sidra.
Sidra: Hello. Oh good, I'm glad you've me. I wanted to introduce you to each other. I felt sure you had a lot in common.
S: Oh yes.
B: We have.

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