Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Conversation talking with famous painter at a party


Conversation talking with famous painter at a party 

Nadia: Ameen Gulfam! I really am delighted to meet you. Of course, I've often seen your paintings and I've admired them a lot. But I never thought I would actually meet you.
Gulfam: It's always a pleasure for me to meet someone who's interested in painting.
N: And your sculptures! No, I really am a great admirer of yours. What always interests me is the way you turn rough stone into smooth, symmetrical surfaces.
G: Ah yes. So much of art forcing the raw material, wood stone paint to do what has never been done with it before.
N: Yes. Yes, I can understand that.
G: The trouble is so few people are interested in real painting these days.
N: You mean there's no real discrimination.
G: That's it. And you know one's always in financial difficulties.
N: Hello Khalid. May introduce my husband Khalid Salmeem. Khalid this is Ameen Gulfam. We've been having the most interesting talk?
Khalid: How do you do. What have you been talking about?
G: Art.
K: Art?
N: Mr. Gulfam, the famous painter and sculptor.
K: Oh!
N: We're both great admires of yours, aren't we Khalid?
G: (to Khalid) And what do you do? Are you in the art world?
K: No, no I'm in business really, I invented the inflatable umbrella.
G: You what!
K: Yes, yes. You know those umbrellas that.
G: Well, I never! That's fantastic! You rally thought of those umbrellas!
K: That's right.
G: Why they've changed the streets of Lahore! They're plastic. Wonderful.
K: Thank you. Actually, ever since my youth, I've wanted to be a painter. But somehow.
G: Well, that's strange. I've always envied you fellows who invent things. I mean you use your imaginations and show a profit.

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