Saturday, 30 May 2015

The parrot message story


The Parrot's message

Long ago a merchant of Iran had a very beautiful parrot. The merchant had brought that parrot catching from the forest of Hindustan. The parrot talked very sweet and was very dear to the merchant. Once the merchant had to go to Hindustan to trade. Before going to travel he went near the cage and said to the parrot. Dear Parrot! I am going to your country Hindustan. There I will pass from that forest where your relatives live. If you want to deliver any message tell me. The Parrot replied. Master! Just say this to my relatives that they live happily in the green forests of dear homeland, breath in free airs but me an unfortunate alone, far from my homeland, is getting restless to meet them.
When the merchant reached Hindustan, he passed by that forest along with his caravan where the relative birds of parrot lived. The were sitting beautiful parrots on trees. To see them the message of the parrot came to the merchant's mind and he told them the message loudly. As the merchant finished his message the condition of a parrot became critical. He started trembling severely and died falling from the branch of the tree. To see that the merchant got really sad and he thought that he might be some closer relative of my parrot ho had died listening to his message. When the merchant reached to the homeland back he narrated his parrot the whole incident of his relative's death. At listening to the merchant the parrot shivered and started to throb falling on the floor of the cage. In no time his eyes became wide and he died. The merchant got very much sad at the death of his lovely parrot and he wept bitterly. Then he threw the dead parrot out of the cage. As the merchant threw the dead parrot out of the cage he became alive and he sat, flying, to a nearby branch of a tree. The merchant became very much confused to see that scene. He said to the parrot:
O an unfaithful parrot! I loved you so much but you cheated me. The parrot said listening this You loved me because I entertained you through my gossips. But foolish man! You yourself told me the way to get out of here which my relative had told through message. Then when I acted upon his trick and pretended to be dead you yourself made me free. Now you yourself tell me, when you have done everything with your own hands then why are you blaming me?'' To say that the parrot bade his master and went towards his country happily.

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