Sunday, 31 May 2015

The wise goat story


The wise goat

A lion was wandering here and there in the forest in search of hunting. He was very hungry because he had not gotten any hunt for three days. In search of hunting he saw a ridge. He saw that a goat was standing on the mud ridge. The lion got very excited to see the goat but soon the lion's excitement changed into distress because the ridge was very high. The lion could not reach on the top. The lion sat and started thinking the way to hunt the got. Suddenly the lion hit upon an idea. As he got the idea he became happy. The lion called the goat with love and asked. Mr. goat! What about the ridge, How is the grass there for your meal? The goat said: The grass has dried here because of the scarcity of water and that is why it is no more tasty. But what can I do? I have to eat it to satisfy my hunger. The lion said: dear goat come down, here is fresh grass and many tasty leaves of trees. The goat got the cleverness of lion. He said: Your highness! I am not so much stupid that I come down to eat grass and I do not have the greed too. I know as I will come down you will hunt me. I do not want to die for the time being. So it is better for me to rely on the dry grass. By saying this the goat walked away. The lion got ashamed because it was impossible for lion to climb on the high ridge.

Moral lesson: ''A foe can never be a friend''

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