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Grant of Prayer


Grant of Prayer

A king was suffering from a disease which was incurable. The royal physicians tried hard but disease remained out of control. Now the king could not move from his bed.
When the king's condition became worse, he called his ministers and asked their suggestion. A minister said that he had heard about a pious saint. People believed that he could cure anyone with his prayers.
The king ordered the minister: ''Visit the saint as soon as possible and request him to pray for my health. On receiving the kings orders the minister came to the saint and requested him to pray for the king.
The saint listened to the minister attentively and replied. How can my pray cure the king? He oppresses his people. Allah does not take pity on the man who torments and teases his creatures. Go and ask your king to seek forgiveness for his sins first and then expect Allah's mercy. If Allah's creatures curse someone, no prayers can benefit him. Allah does not took pity on one who is not kind with poor people. The minister returned and told the whole incident to the king. Allah guided him to renounce. He begged forgiveness and released all innocent prisoners. He distributed his wealth among poor.
When the saint came to know about the noble act of king he offered prayers and then pray for the king's  health wholeheartedly. The saint's pray was granted and king became healthy again.

A hadith is that the prayers of a man who eats haram and wears haram is not granted regardless of his beseeches.

In this story Sheikh Saadi(R.A) explained that for a prayer to be granted it is essential that the person who is praying must not oppress anyone.

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