Monday, 1 June 2015

The freedom is a blessing story


 The freedom is a blessing 

A Wolf was hungry for many days. He had got tired of searching for food but he could not get food. When the hunger disturbed him so much he thought to get out of village and go to the city. To think that he left the jungle and went towards the city. He was still far from the city that he met a healthy dog.

To see the wolf the dog said: ''Is everything alright? You are going to city leaving jungle? You have become very feeble. Do not you have anything to eat? To hear the dog's conversation the wolf took a cold sigh and said: What do I tell you? You have already understood to see my condition that I am hungry for man days. Well leave me, tell me that you are looking very healthy? It seems you daily eat excellent food? That is why you have become this much healthy. The dog said listening to the wolf: My master is very good. I guard his house. That is why he gives me excellent food. If you wish, come with me. I will find some job as a house guard for you. Because of that work you will get good food.'' To hear about food, the wolf's mouth filled with water and his hunger became even more intense. He happily said: I accept your offer let me come with you. The dog said: Alright come with me. To say that the dog took the wolf with him and they went towards the city. Both of them were going on their way talking to each other hat the wolf saw a scar on the dog's neck and some hair also fallen from that place. He asked the dog: Why is there a mark on your neck and the hair is also disappeared?

The dog said: It is the mark of a collar which my master puts around my neck. In this way I remain tied up with a chain the day long. Then when it is night, my master releases me. I keep taking care of his house for whole night. To hear the dog the wolf stopped at once. The dog asked. Why have you stopped walking? The house is very near now.'' The wolf turned towards jungle and said: I do not have to do this work. I prefer the hunger of freedom over the luxuries of slavery. To say that the wolf went away towards the jungle.

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