Monday, 8 June 2015

The golden egg story

The golden egg

Ahmed was a poor man. He had brought up many hens in the house and lead his life by selling their eggs. One day he bought a new hen after selling eggs n the city. He locked the hen in the cage as the sun set. Next morning when Ahmed opened the cage he became surprised to see that the new hen laid a golden egg.

Ahmed became very happy to have a gold egg. Now the hen had been laying a gold egg daily. Ahmed sold that egg in the city by which he got enough money. But he did not tell this secret to anybody. Now the financial conditions of Ahmed had improved a lot and he bought a new house too. The days kept on passing. Now the people of the village suspected that from where Ahmed had got the money? People were passing different comments on it. Ahmed had become worried by listening what the people of village were talking about. He did not know how to satisfy people.

The time passed and the people of the village became quite. He Ahmed daily got a gold egg in the morning. But now the greed to get more eggs was getting stronger inside his heart. One day he thought that the hen laid a gold egg daily why did I not slaughter the hen and got all the gold eggs at once.

As the idea came to his mind, he took a sharp edged knife and slaughtered the hen. But as Ahmed slaughtered the hen he was shocked to find that there was not eve a single gold egg. Ahmed narrated the whole incident to his wife in distress. She said, ''You have committed a blunder now bear its consequences.'' Ahmed repented a lot on his foolishness' but now the time had past. Because he had lost even that egg, by slaughtering the hen, which he daily got.

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