Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Generosity and Stinginess


Generosity and stinginess 

A miser lived in a country. His son was very generous. Father used to pine for the generosity of his son. When the miser died, his son distributed all his wealth among poor and needy. No beggar would return empty handed. As he was distributing his father's wealth generously, his well-wisher friend advised him: "If you keep spending your father's wealth in this way, you will be reduced to poverty. Did you heard about a mother's advice to her daughter. She advised her daughter to save something for rainy days in the days of prosperity. This is like an example of a stream which remains dry throughout the year. Therefore one's pots should be filled with water."
The generous young man was listening his friend attentively. Then he said: "You were advising me to save the wealth which my father inherited from his father. My grandfather would have accumulated his wealth by saving money which he had left for his son after his death. This can happen with me as well. I can also die and leave my wealth for my children. If every man have to meet the similar fate of leaving his wealth for others he should spend it by distributing it among the needy. It will benefit us on the day of judgemnet."
In this story, generosity and stinginess are compared and later on generosity is appreciated. It is also stressed that we should not be extra close-fisted and we should not spend money carelessly which will make us beg before others.

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