Monday, 6 July 2015

Two Kings in a Jungle


  Two kings in a jungle

Long time ago lots of animals and birds used to live together in a jungle . All of them used to take care of each other. The animals considered the lion as their king where as the bird used to regard vulture as their king. But the lion was not pleased with this idea of two kings. He wanted that the birds should also regard him as their king. One day the was lion very hungry, so he hunted a deer and sat under the shade of a tree to eat his meal. While the lion was busy eating his hunted deer, the vulture that was flying above saw him eating. The vulture was also hungry and was in search of some dead meat for a long while, when he saw the lion munching his meal, he started to drool with hunger. The vulture dived swiftly and snatched the piece of meat from the lion's mouth and flew back in the air.
The lion was very angry at this act of the vulture but since he could not fly so he could not catch the vulture easily that was why he remained quiet. The lion gathered all the animals of the jungle at one place and spoke to them with a roar, dear friends, the vulture had really misbehaved with your king. He cleverly snatched a piece of meat from my mouth and flew away. If we did not stop him then I was sure that he would repeat the same act with all of you as well. That is why it was very important that all the animals must unite to teach a good lesson to the vulture and also to other birds so that they would never even think of doing such act again with any of us.
When the animals heard what the lion said, they all agreed to support him but the Monkey raised a question, We are definitely ready to take revenge from these ill -mannered birds but what are we supposed to do about this problem? Because we animals live on land and the moment we will attack the birds they will fly away in the air. All the animals started thinking seriously about what the monkey said. After a while the fox gave an idea, Why don't we attack the birds while they are sleeping soundly at night, All the animals liked the idea of the fox so they attacked the birds during the darkness of the night. Many birds were killed and injured in this attack and this made the animals very happy they felt great about their victory over the birds.
The next morning all the birds also gathered in front of their king, the vulture started thinking about how to take revenge from the animals. So after a long discussion it was decided that the birds would carry small pebbles in their beaks and claws and would throw on the animals from above. So after agreeing on the idea the birds collected pebbles in  their claws and beaks with great enthusiasm and flew in the sky for the attack. Soon they saw a big herd of animals that  had attacked them earlier. When the vulture saw the herd of animals he ordered the birds to attack on them so all the birds started to  throw the pointed and sharp pebbles on the animals rapidly. The animals got extremely nervous and scared when they saw pebbles falling on them from above they started hiding here and there with fear.
For few days the series of attacks continued. At night the animals would attack the birds and during day time the birds would attack on the animals. Both animals and the birds were very worried about this situation but none of them wanted to lose battle against each other.
One day the Dove explained to all her bird friends that if they would keep on attacking each other then it would become very difficult for both birds and animals to survive. Therefore they all should better find some solution about this issue. All the birds thought together seriously about what the Dove said and tried to find some solution for this problem. The birds could not possibly find any solution about the problem, the Dove said that we should become friends with the animals because there was no use of fighting with each other. On this idea the Parrot said loudly, ''But we will not take the first step for friendship because the animals started the fight not us and that is why they should be the first one to make an apology.'' When the Dove heard this she replied, ''Friends, we must not delay in doing a good deed and we must not forget that it was our king, the Vulture who misbehaved first so we should take the first step to apologies.''
All the birds liked the advice of the Dove and they became friends with the animals. The animals were also pleased to receive the message of peace and friendship and then they all started living happily and friendly.
Moral: ''Living together in peace increases love for each other''

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