Sunday, 5 July 2015

Value of Safety


Value of safety

Once a king went on a voyage along with his slave. The slave was travelling on a boat for the first time in his life. He had never experienced a voyage. When the boat sailed forward the slave started crying. He was trembling with fear. The people in boat tried to calm him down but he kept on crying. The sensitive king was disturbed with the hue and cry. He asked the slave to keep quiet but it did not work.
A wise man was also present in the boat. He said to the king.'' I can treat this slave if you permit. Then he will not make any noise.
The king allowed the wise man. He plunged the slave under water a few times and then asked him to sit in a corner. Now the slave was quiet and all the passengers took a sigh of relief. The king was surprised to see the slave who was sitting quietly. He asked the wise man.'' How did you calm down the slave?
The wise man replied.'' Your Majesty. Your slave neither experienced fear of drowning nor he was familiar of safe journey in a boat but when I plunged him under water he experienced both things. Now he has experienced the safe journey in a boat and fear of drowning as well.''
Only those people value comfort and relief who had suffered from hardship and problems. 

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