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The Punishment of Mischief

The Punishment of Mischief
Dear Children! Once upon a time there lived a Shepherd in a village. He was very hard working. He remained busy making his flock graze the day long. He took his flock towards  hill and sat himself under a shady tree. His flock remained busy in grazing the day long. He just watched the flock. Once day the Shepherd fell ill. He got worried about this flock. He also had a son who was very mischievous. The whole village remained anxious due to his mischievous. The Shepherd did not know what to do?

Because he could not trust his son. On the other hand he was very anxious about his flock. In the evening he called his son and advised him very politely. Look my son I'm really feeling weakness due to my illness and I don't have the strength to took the flock on the hill now you will have to take the responsibility. But promise me that you will take great care of the the flock there and you will not do any mischief.
The shepherd's son was listening to him carefully. He made his father satisfied that there was nothing to be worried at all. He will act upon his father's advice. The Shepard became satisfied at his son's reply. Next day the shepherd's son got ready exactly on time and took the flock to the hill. After some time reached to the hill. He remained silent for some time but he could not remain silent for long as he did not enjoy without doing mischief's. Suddenly he hit upon an idea and he started shouting. Help...Help...the lion attacked the lion will tear my sheep and got the nearby people of village ran for help the shepherd's son with their sticks.
At seeing the people of village he told that he was just joking. There is no lion. The people of village returned. The next day the shepherd's son again shouted same that ''Lion has come help... Help...'' when the people again came he told he was just joking.
The next day the lion really came. The shepherd's son shouted a lot The lion has come.. help me...but nobody believed him. The lion tore the shepherd's son too along with the flock. When the little shepherd did not return the people of village got worried. They came to search for him in the jungle and found the dead sheep, goat and shepherd.

Moral : ''The result of a lie is always bad'''

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