Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Intelligent Sparrow


The Intelligent Sparrow

A sparrow lived in a wheat field with her babies. She had built a beautiful nest for herself in the fields. The baby sparrows played in the nest the day long. The sparrow had built the nest in such a way that no hunter could see that. That is why the sparrow flew here and there in search of food freely the day long. One day the sky was covered with clouds that the owner of the field came there to see his crop. He loudly spoke. The wheat has ripped completely now it should be cut. I contact my friends today because the weather is getting bad. There will be a great loss if it rains.''
The baby sparrows got so worried by listening to the farmer's speech. When the sparrow returned to her nest they told her the whole story an said to shift somewhere else. The sparrow smiled and consoled her children. Dear children! Do not worry we will stay here for the time being. The baby sparrows got satisfied. The next day the farmer again came to the field and spoke I should call my friends and labours and cut my crop as soon as possible. The children again narrated the whole story to their mother and insisted to move from that place but the sparrow again said by consoling them. Children there is nothing to be afraid of. We will not move for the time being. I believe the crop will not be cut for the time being.''
After two days the owner of the field once again came there and uttered. The time is passing very fast now I should not wait for last many days the fate is with me even after such a bad weather. All my friends are cutting their wheat in their fields whereas the labours are demanding for the large amount of wages that is why I should cut my crop without getting help from anybody else.''
In the evening the baby sparrows informed their mother about the farmer's decision. This time she replied. Now we should leave this field at once because tomorrow this field will definitely be cut. The children got surprised by listening that. They asked the sparrow that how did she know that the crop would be cut tomorrow? The sparrow said them politely, My children! till the time the farmer relied on his friends and labours  understood that he would fail in his intentions, But today when he decided to cut his crop on his own I was sure that he would start his work. 
Because when somebody depends on others instead of himself he does not become successful but when man relies on his own and starts work he becomes successful so now this place is no more safe for us. Now we will have to live somewhere else by making nest.''
Moral: ''Rely on yourself instead of others.

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