Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Novel Bird

Children's Stories
The novel bird

Once there lived a very beautiful bird in a forest. The bird got up early in the morning and sang songs in its melodious voice. The amazing thing was that as the bird sang, small pearls fell from his beak. One day a hunter came to that part of the forest. By chance the bird started singing right at that moment. The hunter looked here and thee at listening to the song but he could not see the singer. Suddenly he saw the small bird sitting on the branch of a tree and the hunter got astonished by seeing the fallen pearls. The hunter tried his level best to catch the strange bird but the bird immediately flew as he felt danger.
The next day hunter fixed a trap on that tree and started waiting for the small bird by hiding himself. After some time the bird also came there sat on the tree and started singing in his melodious voice and the clever hunter succeeded in trapping the bird. The hunter locked the bird in the cage and brought him to his house. Now the hunter daily sold the pearls which fell from bird's beak. In this way he got enough income.
After few days a new idea struck into his mind. He went to the royal palace and gifted that bird to the king. The king became very happy on getting such a beautiful and strange bird and appointed the hunter on a high designation. On the other hand the singing bird had become sad on his prison. Because of this tension he could not sing as he sang earlier. The queen of the king was a very kind lady. The queen got worried on seeing the bird sad. One day the queen asked the bird  the reason behind his sadness.
The bird replied that he liked to fly in free environment whereas the hunter had left him there by catching him. Moreover he missed his friends of forest very much. The little bird requested to queen that if she released him from the prison he would tell hr about the important secrets of the counter. The queen was feeling sympathy for the bird. Now as the bird promised to tell about the secrets she immediately released him. By getting out of the cage the bird sat on a wall and told the queen that the big hills in their country possessed very expensive jewels. By saying this bird flew away in a direction. As the queen told that to the king, he became very happy. In this way they got a huge treasure as a rewards to release the bird and their virtue did not go in vain.
 Moral: ''Kindness is a great virtue''

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