Monday, 2 November 2015

The Magic Stick


 The magic stick

A poor farmer Karmu lived in a village. On day Karmu's wife Zainab said: You should go to the town to earn livelihood. She made seven loaves of bread and wrapped them in handkerchief. Karmu took the sack and went towards the town. There was a dence forest in the way. When Karmu reached the forest he felt hungry. He sat beside a well. He took out the loaves and said: Should I eat one or two or all the seven? Coincidentally seven fairies lived in that well. They became worried and thought that the man was actually an ogre who wanted to eat them all. The eldest fairy came out and said: I beg you to spare us. I will give you a hen which lays golden eggs.'' Karmu agreed at once. The fairy gave him a special hen. Karmu grabbed hen and set out on his way home. As Karmu went on he came across a hut which belonged to an old woman. It was getting dark. Karmu knocked the door. The old woman came out. Karmu said:
Lady, I am a passerby. Can I stay here for a night? The old woman allowed him. The hut was very small . The old woman slept in once corner and Karmu laid in another corner. Karmu was certain that old woman was sleeping so he put the hen in front of him and said: Lay a golden egg. The hen laid a golden egg there and then. Karmu was overjoyed at this. He put the golden egg in his sack and laid down to sleep. Infect the old woman was not sleeping. She had seen this. Soon Karmu started snoring. The old woman raised herself and replaced her hen with Karmu's hen.
She stole the golden egg as well. In the morning, Karmu thanked the old woman and returned home with the hen. At home he ordered his hen: Lay a golden egg. But the hen did not obey. Karmu was shocked, His wife shouted angrily: For God sake earn some money. There is nothing to eat. Karmu again went to the well and repeated the same sentence: Should I eat one or two or all the seven? The eldest fairy came out. Karrmu said furiously. This is not fair. The hen did not lay golden eggs. The fairy was quite wise. She asked: Did you stay at some place?
Karmu told her about the old woman's hut. The fairy said: That old lady has stolen your hen. I am giving you a magic stick. Go  again to the hut and ordered the stick by saying, Lets start.
Then you'll see the magic. Karmu reached the hut of old lady and said: Lets start my stick. The stick started to beat the old woman. She got terrified and returned back Karmu's hen. Karmu reached home with his hen. He and his wife became rich. They had a lot of gold. Karmu built a splendid palace far more beautiful than the king's palace.

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