Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Wickedness of Jackal


 The Wickedness of Jackal

A giant elephant lived in a forest. A pack of jackals also lived in that forest. The jackals ere tempted to watch the elephant strolling and moving his trunk. They used to fantasize about eating the elephant. But they were helpless to hunt such a gigantic elephant and enjoy his meat. This temptation continued for a long period. One night, all the jackals gathered and started pondering about how to kill the elephant. At last an old jackal said, Although we are small in size but we can think of a trick to trap the elephant. You wanted to eat the meat of the dead elephant but I will provide you an opportunity to eat an alive elephant. I have thought a trick. All the jackals were amused. The old jackal  was now the leader of the pack.
The elephant was strolling in the forest at night. The old jackal came there and bowed down respectfully. Then he said, Sir! you are the strongest animal of the forest. I am here to convey a special message on behalf of my friends. We have decided to make you our king and live with peace and harmony in your rule. Hearing this the elephant replied, Yes I accept your proposal. The jackal said, My friends are waiting for you on the other said of the forest. They are eager to give you a warm welcome. They have arranged a feast for you and you will be served with delicious food. Come with me.'' So the elephant began to follow the jackal. The jackal took him to a marsh and started to cross the marsh by jumping on it because his weight was too less. The elephant stepped in the marsh joyfully but very soon he was sinking in it.
 He was sunk in the marsh up to his knees. The elephant was struggling hard but he kept sinking in the marsh. He could move neither forward nor backward. The elephant said trumpeting, I am trapped here. It s my order to pull me out of this marsh. The jackal said, You are a huge animal. I cannot pull you alone. Should I call my friends? The elephant was in dire trouble so he replied, Yes immediately.'' The jackal called out and in a moment the whole pack of jackals came there. They started to bite the elephant and eat his meat delightfully. The elephant desperately moved his trunk and trumpeted aloud but the jackal ate him up quickly.

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