Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Little Mermaid


The little mermaid
Once there lived beautiful mermaids in a sea. Six of them were sisters. The five elder sisters were living happily but the youngest one wanted to go on the land. She used to come outside the surface of sea to watch the blue sky and birds flying in the air. She admired the beauty of the world outside the sea. One day she secretly came outside the surface and headed towards shore. Suddenly she saw a boat drowning. A young man was calling for help. The little mermaid swam towards him and brought him on the shore safely. The young man fell unconscious.
The little mermaid rested him on a rock and went back to the sea. She asked her grandmother. Shell we live in the sea forever? Why can't we go on land? Grandmother replied: My child the world of mermaids is sea where we are free from every danger. Our world is different from the world of humans. The little mermaid asked. Van I go on the land as a human? he grandmother advised her: Do not think so or you'll have to suffer. The little mermaid kept quiet. She wanted to befriend the young man lying on the shore.
So she longed to become a human. At last she went to the sea witch and said. I want to become a human. The sea witch was very cunning. he said. I can fulfil your desire but what will give me in return? The little mermaid replied. Anything. The sea witch said: I have a condition which is indeed very tough. The little mermaid was eager to go on land. She answered: Please tell me. The sea witch created a condition that she would loose her power of speech after becoming a human. The little mermaid agreed. Then the witch prepared a magic potion, muttered  some magic words and gave it to the little mermaid. As soon as the little mermaid drank the potion, she transformed into a beautiful girl. She felt extremely happy.
She came to the shore where she met the young man. The young man told her that he was a prince. Out of pity the prince brought her to his palace and allowed her to stay there. The little mermaid used to speak in sign language. One day a grand feast was held in palace. The prince introduced little mermaid with the guests. Very soon prince's father betrothed him to a princess of neighboring state. This made the little mermaid mournful. She no longer wished to live on land. She reached the sea shore and saw her two sisters swimming in the water. She called them and expressed her wise to become a mermaid again. Her sisters dived in the sea and brought a magic potion for her which turned her into a mermaid again. From that day she never wished to go out of the sea and lived in the sea always.

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