Friday, 1 January 2016

A dialogue between two friends about the clothes ironing

A dialogue between two friends about the clothes ironing
Javed: What are you going to do?
Saleem: I'm going to iron my clothes.
Javed: what are you sprinkling water on your clothes for?
S: I'm going to iron them. They iron more easily when they are damp.
J: Don't you have an ironing board?
S: No, I don't I normally use this table for ironing clothes.
J: How long are you going to iron them?
S: I, m going to iron them all the afternoon.
J: I can see a pile of clothes. But isn't tiresome to iron so many clothes all together?
S: Yes, it is. But that is what I do every week.
J: But I press a shirt and a pair of trousers every day.
S: I press all my clothes on Saturday afternoon and hang them on hangers in the cupboard.
J: I hear you're selling your bike. Is it true?
S: Yes, I am trying to sell it, but how did you know it?
J: I heard it through the grapevine. Why do you want to sell it?
S: It's very old and a I would like to buy a new one.
J: How long have you been using it?
S: Almost five years.
J: How much is a new one? I hear prices have gone up.
S: It is about 65,000 rupees. Last time I bought it outright. But this time I can't make a down payment. I may have to pay by installments.
J: If you're buying. you'd better be quick. Prices are shooting up every now and then.
S: I'll sell this one as soon as I get someone to buy it at a reasonable price.
J: I think it is better you put an advertisement in the newspaper.
S: I think so too.
J: Well, Saleem, it is time I pushed off. See you in the club.
S: Ok. see you there.

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